Il villaggio di Al-Sayyid si trova nel Negev in Israele. Gli abitanti, beduini sono tutti imparentati e prendono il nome dal loro antenato comune che si stabilì qui a metà del XIX secolo. I primi fratelli sordi nacquero tra il 1924 e il 1940. Ed essendo comuni i matrimoni fra cugini la sordità è un “genere” molto comune.

Al-Sayyid è una comunità segnante di sordi e udenti. Tutti ad Al-Sayyid usano la lingua dei segni Bedouin (ABSL), una lingua dei segni indigena emersa negli ultimi 90 anni.

Al-Sayyid: a sociolinguistic sketch (ARTICOLO)

Demarcating generations of signers in the dynamic sociolinguistic landscape of a shared sign- language: the case of the Al-Sayyid Bedouin (ARTICOLO)

‘‘Deaf Discourse’’: The Social Construction of Deafness in a Bedouin Community (ARTICOLO)

Voices from El Sayed | Full documentary – by Oded Adomi Leshem (2008)

Al-Sayyid Bedouin Sign Language (A language of Israel)

  • Alternative Name: ABSL
  • Population: 140 (Sandler et al. 2005). L2 users: Also used by many of the 3,500hearing people in the village; Members of the community generally recognize ABSLas L2 of the village.
  • Location: Negev District, Al-Sayyid village.
  • Language Status: 6a (Vigorous).
  • Dialects: None known. Those who have any familiarity with Israeli Sign Language(ISL)[isr], including those who have attended schools for the deaf outside the village, recognize that the two sign languages are distinct. ISL signers outside the village do not understand ABSL. ABSL signers do not understand Jordanian Sign
    Language [jos] used on Jordanian television programs received in the area.
  • Language Use: Siblings and children of deaf individuals, and other members of a household (which may include several wives and their children) often become fluent signers. Hearing people there routinely assess their own proficiency, praising those with greater facility in the language. Positive attitudes.”Lewis, M. Paul, Gary F. Simons, and Charles D. Fennig (eds.)
    2015. Ethnologue: Languages of the World, Eighteenth edition. Dallas, Texas: SILInternational. Online version: Related ResearchKisch, Shifra
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    2005. Language Emergence: Clues from a New Bedouin Sign. Current Biology 15(12): R463-R465.
    Last Updated: February 24, 2015
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